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2018 Believe Walk

The Unstoppable Melinda Stevens
The Unstoppable Melinda Stevens

ADK & Friends - Team Melinda

The Believe Walk brings a community together with a purpose: to support cancer survivors, cancer patients, and their families in the Inland Empire. Stater Bros. Charities & Inland Women Fighting Cancer started the Believe Walk with a simple vision, to create an event that honored cancer survivors and brought support to those who were still on their journey.

Millions of people around the world are fighting this complicated and distressing disease, including many teachers involved in ADK. Melinda Stevens was one ADK member who endured a five-year crusade against ovarian cancer. From the moment she was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer, she fought to continue living her life as she did before -- with reckless abandon and a love for each day as it came. She was unstoppable throughout her journey, and that is in large part thanks to her incredible support system, as well as the extraordinary advances that have been made in recent years in cancer research and treatment. Although she took part in standard treatments, she also explored a range of holistic remedies and new treatment options. In fact, by early 2016, she was enrolled in a clinical trial that, just a few years earlier, hadn't been far enough along in studies to be given to cancer patients like herself.

Donating to charities dedicated to fighting cancer and enhancing care options for those who have the disease -- plus participating in events like the Believe Walk -- not only gives hope to those battling cancer but also contributes toward advancing medical care and studies for future treatments.

So let's walk for Melinda again. She received much support from the ladies who put on the Believe Walk and always paid it forward by talking to and encouraging other women who were on their own cancer journeys. She was unstoppable, and we hope to help make other people fighting all cancers unstoppable, too!

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